the christmas card with surprising links

Many did contact me because they couldn't find the links ...
but we had to wait for the 4th shining light ...
and now finally the 4th candle lights up ... are you ready ?
Hint: there are 6 (six) hidden goodies ... (need more hints, scroll down)
click gift box for video (fast version) click Scroll for english stepsheet Video click Bell for german stepsheet your favorite web site ??? Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
Hint: Music available as a FREE Download from Fools Gold, UK ...
Have Fun
Best to all of you
Some email clients are tricky, they will pop up the picture without the links in case you miss the proper items.
There are two solutions if things happens like that:
1) go < HERE > for a web based surprise ... or ...
2) find the Red Gift Box, the Scroll, the Bells, the Koala, the bright Star (top left) and the Lucky Logo for more